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Re: KYB struts - ACK!!

>>..owner have receipts?
>I think that's an over the counter warranty...no paperwork necessary for 
>The K2R (2KR?) is a little more subtle in its damping...the original, gray
>color, KYB's would make your basic Olds 9 pass wagon feel like a Mini
>Cooper...well, sort of.
ARF?  OK What's the official Dog Password?  Uuggh, you feline fanatics
are all alike, your affections rejected, you come arfing to us.

I put KYBs on the rear of my Buick T Type (pre audi days - what did I know)
I wasn't too impressed but I really didn't have much of an experience base 
then.  I didn't see much degradation in the first two years or so.  Back seat 
passengers lost the occasional filling, though.
Meow Meow, Pfftt