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Re: A/C problems

I wrote:
> >You didn't mention the year/model of your car. But if you have the Electronic
> >Climate Control System, it seems like the A/C Control Head is the culprit.
> >This is the part with the buttons and LED temp display. If you have the
> >Bentley manual, you can run the diagnostics on the A/C and it should
> >display where the fault lies. If you don't have the Bentley, then the
> >dealer is the best choice. The Control Head costs around $350 or so at the
> >dealer. Can get a used one from Shokan (800-ALL-AUDI) for about $200.
> >This part is made by the AC Delco Division of GM and is used in Cadillacs
> >and Oldsmobiles too. If you find the right one at a GM dealer, it'll cost
> >much less - around $150 for a rebuilt one. Replacement is straight-forward.

 Jim H replied:
> It's my understanding after talking to someone who has rebuilt several
> that the point of failure is a solenoid, almost always the same one too.
> So its worth holding on to the old one and doing some snooping, if the failure
> occurs again you can cannabalize to get one good unit.

	Are you thinking of the A/C Programmer rather than the Control
Head? If my memory serves right, I don't recall seeing any solenoids
in the Control Head when I had it apart. The Control Head (at least on
the 86 to 88 5000 series) is purely electronic - has no moving mechanical or
vacuum connections or parts inside. The A/C Programmer on the other hand
reportedly has many vacuum solenoids that get sticky/dirty and malfunction.
The A/C programmer is located behind the glove compartment and has many
vacuum hoses connected.

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