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Re: Redline MTL in Audi 4000 transmission?


I am using MT90 in the tranny on the ur-Q (with the GL5 75W90 in 
the rear diff).  I recommend Redline over Castrol.  The owner's 
manual for my car specifies requirements that are satisfied only 
by MT90, and that is what Redline recommended that I use as well.  
Since you don't need to replace the tranny fluid that often, the 
price difference shouldn't be a real big deal.  I hadn't noticed 
a $3 difference though.  It could take a long time to learn that 
using the lighter MTL caused a problem.  What are your local prices 
for the different weights?  My recollection is that the MT-90 was 
$6.50-$7.00 per quart here in San Jose, CA.

Steve Buchholz