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Re: Strange sound from rear

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I recently experienced a similar sound from the front suspension of my 85 VW,
which turned out to have a similar setup to my 84 4000Q.  It was a cracked
rubber bumper that rides on the strut shaft and limits suspension travel.  It
wouldn't make noise when you pushed the bumper up and down, only when you drove
and hit a crack, speed bump, etc.  Inexpensive fix if that's it!

Ron G
Ogden, Utah

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  4000Q F&R control arm bushings are the same, as are the control arms,
  axles and just about everything else. Some stuff, like axles, need to be
  swapped side-to-side when swapped front-to-rear. Wonderful stuff that
  parts commonality, when you can get it, almost as nice as 60-70s GM HW.