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Re: 5000 Turbo mods.....

In message <9412272221.AA13420@newkla.kla.com> Steven Buchholz writes:

> You mentioned in your post that you do not have a boost display.  
> This is interesting, since my car has the boost display that is 
> selectable on the trip computer.  I can select the standard func-
> tions of time, ditance, range, etc. and there is a sixth setting 
> that displays manifold pressure.  The LCD display is mounted in 
> between the speedo & tach, and is below the computer check display.  
> If you don't have the M.P. you might be able to get the computer 
> from a US turbo.  I do much prefer the analog gauge that the '83 
> has, especially since I regularly see readings higher than 1.3 bar!

I have the full ur-quattro "glass cockpit" - no moving parts whatever - it's 
all bright orange LCD.  The trip counter is an alternate display mode of the 
odometer - I can have either the car's total milage or the trip.

The multi-function display is digital figures below the pseudo-analogue tach.  
It displays average mpg, range and time driven.  BTW, I don't hang about 
much (average motorway speeds in flowing traffic are 85mph) and I use full 
boost a fair bit for overtaking - I average 28.9mpg indicated.
All of the display apart from the speedometer can be disabled (turn off) by 
pressing in the lower right binnacle switch. 

Phil Payne