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Re: RS2 turbo, again

In message <Pine.3.89.9412272121.A4495-0100000@bbfm.di.com> Dan Bocek writes:

> So,
> here's where I need some help from any of you with European connections - 
> I just need someone to call an Audi dealership in Germany (or maybe 
> England?) and get me the dang Audi part number for whatever turbo they're 
> using on the RS2.  Once I have that, I think I can take it from there and 
> manage to get one brought over from Germany.  I'd certainly appreciate 
> any help in this matter, and will offer in return any and all experiences 
> with this upgrade, both good and bad.  Thanks for any and all help.

I've passed your request over to Tim at The Parts Dept by fax.  He'll certainly 
find the number for you, and may also offer a reasonable price.  Have you got a 
fax number he can get you on, or would you like to fax him yourself?
He's on +44 1273 321363, phone +44 1273 326189.

Phil Payne
Fax/BBS  +44 1536 723021
Fido     2:2503/415
CIS      100012,1660