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Switch lighting?

In message <01HL66LW4YBY0049YH@ZEUS.ED.RAY.COM> Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com writes:

> I did notice that most, if not all of the switches on the main consoles 
> (defroster, foglights, seat heaters, etc.) had been pried out.  In hindsight, 
> the instrument lights for my rear defroster and ABS switch appear to be burned 
> out.  The defroster 'triangle' illuminates when the switch is depressed, however 
> the icon is not illuminated.  The ABS switch is also not iluminated, however the 
> 'ABS off' indicator below the multifunction computer iluminates.  
> If so, what is the easiest way of removing the switch covers without marring the 
> dash so that the bulbs can be replaced?

On both my Audis, the switches *can* simply be pulled out.  However, there's a 
small risk of breaking the plastic frame that holds them within the binnacle.
In most cars, the binnacle cover is held on by two screws inserted upwards into 
the cover at the very front - when sitting in the normal driving position, you 
can feel these screwheads vertically below the columns of switches.  Take them 
out and ease the binnacle cover upwards and towards the steering wheel - it's 
located by some spigots under the windshield.
This exposes the switches, and makes their removal somewhat easier.  No - you 
can't change the bulb with the switch in situ.  You bought an Audi - 
remember?  Pulling the connector off the back of the switch before you start 
makes the whole process more controllable. Most switches can be disassembled 
with a bit of care - just pry the snaps back over the retaining catches.  
Beware that most use loose ball bearings and some loose springs - do your 
initial disassembly over a baking tray or large bowl. The bulbs Audi use are 
referred to in UK dealerships as "grain of wheat" bulbs. Switch reassembly 
requires a steady hand, because of the ball bearing.
With grain of wheatbulbs lasting two or three years, and new switches at GBP25 
(US$40) I do this fairly often. 

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