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Re: Switch lighting?

In message <Pine.A32.3.91c.941228103306.27659A-100000@homer02.u.washington.edu> Eliot Lim writes:
> > This exposes the switches, and makes their removal somewhat easier.  No - you 
> > can't change the bulb with the switch in situ.  You bought an Audi - 
> > remember? 
> i haven't been following this discussion, but if it is in reference to
> the newer cars, this is not true, because yesterday i saw my mechanic
> do it with my own eyes.  took a little screwdriver, pried out the
> front faceplate of the defroster switch and replaced the bulb. 

Mine are 1982 and 1988.  The symbols, such as the triangle on the hazard 
flasher and the "big bulb" on the headlight switch are actually illuminated by 
light brought from the base of the switch (near the connectors) via a perspex 
"light guide".  The bulb is actually at the other end of the switch from the 

On most of my switches, you can pull the front rocking portion off, but it 
doesn't get you anywhere near the bulb.  Is this a US/Euro model difference, or 
a model year difference?

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