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RS2 turbo, again

Hey everybody, thought I'd give you all an update on what the latest
goings on in my TQC head saga were.  As most of you probably already know,
the original solid lifter ABT prepared head went bye bye at the Virginia
City Hillclimb due to a faulty valve spring.  So, I decided to switch to
an hydraulic lifter head off of a late model 5000 turbo both for the
better later model casting improvements and for less maitenace hassle
not having to adjust the valves every 10,000 miles.  I figured the slight
decrease in horsepower caused by the slightly milder aftermarket cams
available for it and the slightly worsend valve response time were worth
the tradeoff. 

I decided to increase the diameter of both the intake and exhaust valves
by 1mm each.  In addition to the valve work, I had the intake match ported
to the ABT modified intake manifold, and had the whole kit n' kabudle
polished (including the area of the head which forms the top of the
combustion chamber).  I just got the head back from the shop last week,
and I must say it looks like old Fumio did some pretty good work.

Other additions to the head include a new Shrick asymetric cam designed for
the hydraulic valves, a new set of hydraulic lifters, new seats, new
guides and a set of stiffer than stock valve springs. 

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, but I won't know how good the new
head works until I can get a few more parts together.  You see, in
disassembling the car to get the head off, I took the turbo out to inspect
it, and it turns out that the compressor wheel is dinged up pretty badly. 
So, I'm in the market for a new turbo; the question is, which one do I
get?  I want to upgrade to a water cooled unit, which would normally mean
going with the turbo off of the S4 (a la Glen and Robert).  But, after
talking to Ned Ritchie and Dave Lawson, it would appear that there is
another option: the turbo off of that new RS2 Porche tuned Audi station
wagon.  This turbo has a much better top end than the S4 unit, with about
as much lag as the stock TQC turbo.  Since I've gotten used to driving the
TQC with it's increadible turbo lag, I'm willing to accept a new turbo
with as much lag as the old one if I get a much better top end in return. 
My problem is none of the KKK turbo dealers in the US know which model KKK
is on the RS2, but they all say that if I can get them the Audi part
number of the turbo, they can order it right from KKK of Germany. 

I tried getting the part number from Audi of America, but they 
don't have access to the RS2 microfilms here, since there aren't any of 
those cars here.  They also weren't at all interested in going out of 
their way for me to try and obtain the number from Germany.  So,
here's where I need some help from any of you with European connections - 
I just need someone to call an Audi dealership in Germany (or maybe 
England?) and get me the dang Audi part number for whatever turbo they're 
using on the RS2.  Once I have that, I think I can take it from there and 
manage to get one brought over from Germany.  I'd certainly appreciate 
any help in this matter, and will offer in return any and all experiences 
with this upgrade, both good and bad.  Thanks for any and all help.

							Dan Bocek