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Re: CD player for Coupe GT

>At  2:00 PM 12/28/94 -0700, Bruce Bell wrote:
>>>     I have an 86 Coupe GT and want to install a CD player.  I'm told (by
>>>     Crutchfield) that with only 6 in. depth clearance there is virtually
>>>     no suitable product on the market.  Anyone with any experience
>>>     installing a CD (non multidisc trunk unit)??
>>I think Crutchfields numbers are for the old 4000 style dash.  The Sony 5260
>>from crutchfield fit into my '87 4000q dash w/o any problem. In fact there
>>was depth to spare.  Not to worry.

>OK, Bruce, what did you do for speakers in the front and back?  The front
>(and sound) to be tiny, and the back speakers aren't much bigger.  I have the
>same car.
>John Eickerman 

I haven't figured that out yet! I was only using my son's CD while his car
('83 GTI) was waiting repair. I understand that the front speakers are
"glued" to the grill. I'm questioning whether it is worth the effort to
replace them.  As for rear speakers, I'm not sure how big I can go, I'd be
OK with a high quality 51/2" or 61/2" speaker. Probably will go with
Infinity when I do, but I've heard good about several other brands as well.
I listen to classical, blues & jazz so the big base iasn'e a priority for me.  

Good Luck


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)