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Re: CD player for Coupe GT

<86 Coupe GT...What did you do for front and rear speakers??...
 I have an 87 4000S and did a little upgrading in  the audio department:
 I used the factory head (no $$ for CD yet)  50X50 Alphasonic amp mounted
 in the trunk under the speaker deck, and a set of 5.25 in. Blaupunkt in the
 rear deck.  The speakers required only *minor* clearancing by enlarging the
 holes.  They are tight, but they fit and sound very nice.  As you said that
 bass is not a big priority, they are clean for jazz and the like, but don't
 carry the really low notes well. (only 5.25)

 BTW, if anyone has a GOOD solution to the moulded front speakers/grills, let
 me know!  I can't seem to think of anything creative...