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CD player for Coupe GT

I installed a CD player in my 86 Coupe GT using a 2Lbs hammer. I took out the
air vents above climate control unit/fan control etc and then knocked the bulk
head back about 3 inches. It took about 2 hours to do, but it looked really
So in the normal radio slot, I had my Radio/Tape player, and this was linked
to the CD player at the top with some wiring at the back of the dash.

Depends if you can live with the fact that you have to beat shit out of your
first bulk head to do it???
You could always get a multiplay and put it in the boot :-)

And on another note, goodbye to everyone on the list, Ive just unsubscribed
from it, because I dont have an Audi anymore, and I dont have much to say
either. But thankyou for everything in the past.

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