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New subscriber

     H'Audi y'all:
        Just discovered this site and perused most of the archives.  A lot 
     sounded familiar ie: rattlin' cats and flakey temp sensors etc.  I own 
     an 86 Coupe GT bought new in Oct. 85 as an American spec car in 
     Europe.  I just rolled over 100K and my 5 cyl engine is strong and 
     still smooth as snail snot.  I still put in four quarts of Mobile 1, 
     drive 5000 miles and drain four quarts back out.  I keep thinking I 
     ought to sell this car as it approaches 10 years but can't bring 
     myself to do it.  Especially since I'm seeing owners on the net with 
     200 and 300K milage.  Plus I drive a lot of new rental cars on 
     business and haven't really found anything I enjoy driving more than 
     my GT.  I bought the GT because Car and Driver called it "a natural 
     athelete" in '85.  It still does everything great but nothing 
     extraordinary.  Whatever paint process Audi used in 85 though they 
     ought to go back to it.  I still have people ask me if this is "the 
     new Audi".
        As for bugaboos, just the standard stuff although my clutch master 
     cylinder has given up twice (both times on the coldest day of the 
     year).  Also my power windows have "failed" three times (saw that in 
     archives too).  After each failure I removed the door panels to access 
     the motor, turned the key, depressed the window switch and tapped the 
     motor on the domed end with a small ball peen.  Works every time and 
     lasts 15 to 18 months.  Got an aftermarket cat conv for $189 
     installed.  Power antenna still works but won't (and never has) 
     received AM.  There is a clicking in the passenger footwell that 
     cycles the AC on/off for some unknown reason (what is that anyway?).  
     The cardboard valance under the radiator disintegrated (nice to know 
     from the net that someone makes a plastic one now).  Also I've 
     replaced the treads with MXVs twice (why is everyone down on MXVs?) 
     and my rotors warped at about 80K.  In short, in 100K miles this is 
     all minor stuff.  I love this car.
        One thing I have learned over and over is that aftermarket parts 
     are nearly always substandard but I use them anyway because of the 
     cost of OEM.  Can't understand why dealers aren't competitive.  I miss 
     that "factory ride" from OEM shocks though.  A guy talked me into 
     Tokiko (??) shocks.  Don't waste your money.  I wish the GT had a 
     little more power but it's light and geared perfectly so that is not a 
     big problem.  The only serious drawback in 10 years is that I can't 
     tow my jetski.  No one makes a hitch for the Coupe (I know you quattro 
     owners shudder at the prospect of a trailer hitch on a German coupe).  
     Hey, I said I loved the GT, I adore my jetski!  I jury rigged a hitch 
     but am afraid to try it with my new $5000 ski.  I don't miss 4WD since 
     I live on the Atlantic coast and my GT never sees the serious side of 
     ice or snow.  I drove the 4000Q before I bought the GT and it felt 
     heavy.  The only snow I see is when I have K2s strapped to my feet and 
     the only place you are completely assured of clear winter roads is at 
     a ski resort.  Anyway I'm looking forward to future postings on the 
     net.  Now, if I could only find the jetski server.
                                                Tom Brown