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Re[2]: New subscriber

     Don't know if I'm missing anything or not with the MXVs.  They were 
     stock and they seemed to handle the same wet or dry so I stuck with 
     them.  Not sure if I need a V rated tire on a car that probably won't 
     go over 110 mph.  Thanks for the parts tip.
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Subject: Re: New subscriber
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Date:    12/29/94 4:24 PM

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>     from the net that someone makes a plastic one now).  Also I've 
>     replaced the treads with MXVs twice (why is everyone down on MXVs?) 
>     and my rotors warped at about 80K.  In short, in 100K miles this is 
>     all minor stuff.  I love this car.
Well, if your completely satisfied with the MXVs then its a moot point 
but I felt I was missing something so I switched to RE71Potenzas(V)
and found what I was missing - high speed performance and improved road 
>        One thing I have learned over and over is that aftermarket parts 
>     are nearly always substandard but I use them anyway because of the 
>     cost of OEM.  Can't understand why dealers aren't competitive.  I miss 
>     that "factory ride" from OEM shocks though.  A guy talked me into 
>     Tokiko (??) shocks.  Don't waste your money. 
My mechanic is just starting his mail order business (doesn't have his 
800 number yet) and he deals in OEM for just the reason you mention
- he works directly with the importers and his prices have always been 
his name is Chris Smith of Smith's Import Specialists and his 
number is 216 543 7100  (I'm assuming you're on the US side of the 
Atlantic).  He already knows about this list from me.  
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