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Re: European Car's 4000CS Quattro project car

<EC's 4000q project...Monster stereo, Tokico shocks...
  I have always approached EC as "it's the best available".  This is not to
 say wonderful, but where else can you get useful info. about European cars
 aside from the new ones?  I have been a subscriber for about 2 years, and
 found that, despite bias towards certain shops, and the occassional error,
 the staff at EC seems to be slowly, but surely maturing into a good

  As for project quattro, I think it should be a good one.  They made special
 note that the car would be mild, like a street driver that someone would be
 able to tolerate day-to-day.  If they do it like the project 924 that was
 just completed, it should be a treat.

 BTW, I don't work there or anything, just feel that they do the best with
 what they have available.
                          87 4000S, 1.8L