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Re: RS2 turbo, again, again

  Before everyone jumps on the RS2-type turbo bandwagon, beware! A large
  turbo designed for maximum output at high revs *might* not be the hot
  ticket for street performance, in spite of the fact that large HP numbers
  might be quoted for configurations that utilize it. Maintaining or even
  improving the low-end and mid-range power and torque and throttle
  response and reducing/eliminating turbo lag might be far more appropriate
  objectives for real-life street performance. Of course, if you spend all
  your time on the 'bahns at WOT and 100+ MPH or on the race track, max HP
  at peak RPM *might* be the best setup. Just don't be fooled by big HP
  numbers into optimizing your setup for conditions that are rarely if ever

  For typical driving conditions in the US, mid-range power and throttle
  response are far more important and useful Vs a big HP number at peak RPM
  (IMFO, of course).