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Re: RS2 turbo, again, again

>   Before everyone jumps on the RS2-type turbo bandwagon, beware! A large
>   turbo designed for maximum output at high revs *might* not be the hot
>   ticket for street performance, in spite of the fact that large HP numbers
>   might be quoted for configurations that utilize it. Maintaining or even
>   improving the low-end and mid-range power and torque and throttle
>   response and reducing/eliminating turbo lag might be far more appropriate
>   objectives for real-life street performance. Of course, if you spend all
>   your time on the 'bahns at WOT and 100+ MPH or on the race track, max HP
>   at peak RPM *might* be the best setup. Just don't be fooled by big HP
>   numbers into optimizing your setup for conditions that are rarely if ever
>   encountered.....

For what it's worth, when I talked to Ned Ritchie about what an RS2 turbo 
felt like on a TQC, he said that the lag was about the same as the stock 
turbo, but the top end was greatly improved.  I guess turbo technology 
has improved in the last 10 - 15 years in order to make this possible.  
Many people feel that the stock turbo has way too much lag as it is, and 
for those people, the S4 turbo should be the upgrade of choice.  
Personally, I've gotten used to the lag of the stock turbo, and have 
adapted my driving style to suit the turbo, so the thought of living with 
the same amount of lag with an improved top end appeals to me.

                                                           Dan Bocek