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Hmmm ... Maybe there are advantages to US cars

Well Phil ... it is interesting to hear that carbureted cars are still 
being sold in the UK.  Do they have catalytic converters and does the 
carb have feedback mechanisms to control emissions?

The thing that turned me on to Audis was a 1978 Audi Fox GTI.  It had 
a little 1.6 liter engine that put out 80+HP, thanks to FI.  Since it 
was rather light it had reasonable performance (for its day).  All the 
other cars I drove were carburetted and were slugs in comparison, and 
most had larger engines!  I haven't seen a carb on an Audi since.

Steve Buchholz

(... and if I can't find the 12 mm socket I dropped near the exhaust 
manifold of my ur-Q the other day I'll rue the day I bought the Fox)