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Re: Radiator Advice Needed

Hello there Mike

I believe that the dealer fix is intended to be permanent.  I have 
found that the plastic that is used does get brittle over time though.  
I haven't had a problem with the plastic tanks on the radiator though, 
only with other plastic parts like the heater valve.  I did have a 
problem with the core on a radiator with plastic tanks, and I was told 
that such radiators are not repairable.  I bought a metal-tanked 
radiator, and have been happy ever since.  The previous story is from 
an Audi Fox ... I haven't had to pull the radiator on the 5000TQ, but 
I would doubt that you'd have much problems replacing your radiator.  
The cooling fan bracket is held on by a few bolts.  The radiator it-
self is held on by three or four rubber shock mounts.  Once the hoses 
are disconnected the radiator comes out fairly easily (an advantage of 
having the radiator over on one side).  I'd recommend replacing it with 
a metal tanked one.  The one I bought for the Fox was made by Modine,
and I just called places with ads in the Yellow Pages.  The prices
were much cheaper than dealer, and the replacement had all of the 
requisite mounting holes and the cooling fan switch mount.

Good luck ...
Steve Buchholz