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Re: Radiator Advice Needed

> Hello,
> My New Year's holiday was marred by an unfortunate mishap.  While tightening
> some hose clamps to fix minor coolant leakage, I broke off the fitting for
> the overflow hose on the radiator of my '89 200T.  (I was even holding the
> fitting tightly, to avoid just such an occurrence!)  The fitting was molded
> into the plastic side tanks of the radiator and just broke right off.  I
> bought a threaded brass fitting and a $16 packet of glue from the dealer,
> and the car survived the 500 mile trip home with no problems.
> My questions are as follows:
> 1.  Has anyone else used this repair?  Is it "permanent" or should I be
>     shopping for a new radiator?

In time it will break again. But guess when and where!
> 2.  Can a radiator shop replace just the plastic side tanks with metal ones,
>     or does the radiator need to be replaced as a complete unit?

My local shop tried and failed previously. The real fix is to buy a new 

> 3.  Can anyone recommend a good source for a new metal radiator?

Not me.

> 4.  How difficult is the removal/replacement of a radiator in this car?

Easy job, just remember to get the screws hidden underneath.

Dennis [Minnesota/BN Highline]