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Re: 9004 high wattage replacement bulbs

Bob, et al,
I have direct personal experience with the hi-wattage 9004 replacement bulbs.
My advice?  Don't bother with them.  They draw too much power for the stock
Audi wiring system.  Imminent melt down.  Burnt sockets, etc.  Wiring harnesses
available help some but do not completely solve the problem.  After fixin' 'n
fiddlin' for several months, I finall yanked the whole setup and went back
to strictly stock.  At least now I have *some* light when I expect it.  :-(

Additional recommendation?  Get yourself some good aftermarket fog and/or
driving lights.  Install them with fused relays activated by a voltage signal
from your running lights/hi-beam/low-beam lines.  I installed a DPDT switch
to allow running fogs whenever the running lits are on or whenever the high
beams are on.  The driving lites operate only when the hi beams are on.  
Either can be operated independently of the others.  Now I can at least see
the !@#$%^&*()_+ road after dark.

With this setup you gotta be real careful and fast on your dimmer switch when
approaching traffic.  Not too bad here in the rural mountains of WV.  A real 
pain on I-81 in VA.  There I usually just shu too the auxilliary lights and
stick with stock.                         ^^^^^^^ (shut off)  Jeeesh!

Good luck with your lighting problems.

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