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9004 high wattage replacement bulbs

Hi all,
       After upgrading (in a big way) my stock lighting in my 87 4000S with
  a set of Hella 100W driving/fog lights, I have wondered about the high
 wattage (55/100 or 80/100) bulbs that are advertised in the back of the big
 car magazines.  Do they work?  Anyone have experience with them?  I don't
 want a major meltdown in the engine compartment, and would also only use
 the 55/100W as the 80W lows would be too bright for the street, IMHO.
 The only other concern of mine is that the 100W Hella's already put a pretty
 good draw on the alternator.  Would the high-watt bulbs "pull" too much on
 a stock charging system?

 For those of you unfamiliar with the bulbs, I am speaking of the 9004
 replacements for the stock headlight bulbs. About $20 each.
                       87 4000S, 4-cyl