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Re: Heater Blower Motor

Hey Jon

Once you see the hassle you must go through to get the bugger outta 
there you gotta feel like you've done something significant, not simply 
replaced some brushes!  IMO one of the reasons that the brushes go out 
is that there is a hose that provides cooling air to the commutator 
area.  I find the air in that area to be quite humid.  It would prob-
ably be OK to replace the brushes, but I wonder if there is anything 
else that could be compromised (e.g. bearings).

BTW ... did you have the slip rings resurfaced when you replaced the 
brushes on your alternator?  If you didn't it may be < 104K miles before 
you need to do it again.  Chances are they weren't in too bad of shape, 
but it's always good to check.  I've always been able to get away with 
replacing brushes &/or regulators on my cars' alternators.  

Steve B.