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Re: Audi Gas Cap Woes...

I've had to deal with two Audi gas cap replacements.  When I dropped 
the cap for my '83 Quattro Coupe and broke it the new cap did not have 
a lock cylinder installed, so I installed the cylinder from the old cap 
and it worked fine (in fact the new cap came with a cylinder that could 
have the tumblers set for an existing key).  It certainly appeared to 
me that the tank was properly sealed with the broken cap, all that is 
lost is the fact that the cap can no longer be locked.  On the '88 5000 
I could hear vapors leaking around the lock cylinder, so I bought a new 
cap.  This cap came with a cylinder installed and a new key.  I hack-
sawed up the old cap to try to extricate the cylinder and figure out if 
there was a way to remove the cylinder from the new one.  I was not able 
to find a mechanism for removing the cylinder, so I now have 2 keys.

Since your car is an '87 it may be like the 5000, but if you're lucky 
it may be like the '83 Coupe.  You might ask the parts folks if they 
know whether or not it comes with a key.  Good luck!

Steve Buchholz