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Re: don't try this at home??

Well Robert ... it's all dependent on how much adventure you like.  I 
assume you can afford to have your car down for a little while.  You 
already know that a 5cyl motor can fit in the engine bay (one of the 
more difficult questions to answer when swapping motors).  Now will the 
rest of the stuff fit in there.  My 5kCSQ has the battery mounted under 
the back seat, and I doubt that it is because they were trying to get a 
better weight balance!  If the battery in your car is under the hood 
you'll probably need to move it (to the trunk?).  Another thing that 
might take some work is the swap of the engine computer & harnessing.  
I would recommend that you get wiring diagrams for your car and a 5kT a
nd see how much difference there is.  Hey ... I'm "bachin'" tonight, 
maybe I'll take some time to look it up.  Since you're going to need 
quite a few donor parts, you might want to start looking for a donor 
car rather than buying the parts one at a time.  Another idea might be 
to call an Audi wrecking yard like Shokan to ask them what would be 
involved.  I'll bet it won't be that outrageous of a project.  I don't 
know what state you're in, but you might also want to look into any 
ramifications of the swap come vehicle inspection time.  

It's interesting to see what we'll go through to keep our favorite car's 
looks while increasing the performance.  I love the lines of the '78 Audi 
Fox, but I wanted the performance of the Audi 4000 5+5.  I looked into 
swapping the 5cyl in, but never did get around to it.  I did swap out the 
4-speed for a 5-speed from an '86 4000.  Didn't take too much work, but it
didn't just slide in!

Steve Buchholz
'78 Audi Fox GTI - Love those beautiful lines!
'83 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe - Love those beautiful lines!
'88 Audi 5000CS Quattro Wagon - Love those beautiful lines!
'92 BMW K1 - Love those beautiful lines!
... but they all look different!