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Re: don't try this at home??

Very familiar with Ned Ritchie, this guy lives and breathes life into the
q's.  The problem you will have with the swap is that the 4wd system on the
4000 is not designed to handle the power and torque as you pass the 200hp
mark.  You will need to beef up at the very least the clutch...  This swap
will take a lot of time ( and $) because the turbo and assorted hardware is
not an easy task.  My thinking is that yo will have to acquire a 5k with an
intact engine bay to make sure you have all the pieces parts you need.  The
Fuel Distributor will be the big item, including Turbo injectors, Exhaust
Headers, computer, warm-up regulator, turbo plumbing, turbo cat, intercooler
etc., etc....
The 4000 is a good unit, as Q's go, but I agree with Ned that the only way to
go after the serious stuff is with the turbo, I.e. buy the 5.  Ned was a
major contributor to the 285hp in my 5, this puts the power to (hefy weight)
in the 13lb/hp range, and considering the new M3 is right there, the
potential is awsome.  If you buy the 5, you can send the computer to Ned for
a day, he'll give you 60hp in the form of a wastegate spring and a modified
computer, will be driving a 220hp 5k (16lb/hp) in about 45min.  That's before
you have even started any serious mods.  And untill you top the 400hp mark
there is no modifications needed to drivetrain or fuel.  And the car is so
quiet, the q-ship earns its namesake.  Good luck!

PDQSHIP      87 5ktq