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Re: Tire Mix-n-Match

Regarding snows vs winter vs all season....  Currently using Pirelli winter
P210's from late fall to early (no snow) spring in the midwest on 5000tq (on
all 4'z) and find them to be one of the quietest snows for the quattros.  The
210's are 205/60 15 on 15X7 rims for winter, then I switch to the Dunlop
Sport 8000 (205/55 16 on 16X7.5 rim) for summer.  The 210's are stiffer than
the dunlops but the traction and silence is definitely golden.  I have buried
the nose of my car in snow and was still able to get out without the shovel.
 If I were watching my dollars ( maybe next time) the Dunlop D40M2 would be
my choice for an all around performance tire...  Coming from a ProRally and
Autocross background, the d40's are a great value for performance in the wet
and the dry.  The quattro/sycro system mandates 4 = tires, but the foul
weather performance is second to none.  In former cars I have tested the
vredesteins, Hoka's, Conti-contacts, and found that the Pirelli definitely
outscores these others (save the hoka's for the worst of snow) in the
snow/wet conditions of midwest winter roads.

PDQSHIP   87 5ktq (+ extra ponies)