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Re: Schrick Camshaft - Review...

bruce, enjoyed your eval of the shrick cam...  currently have the 272 cam in
my 5000tq and enjoy the Jekyl and Hyde difference.  A couple of ideas before
you tear into the bottom end for more power though...  I played with various
settings of the cam in my application (hi hp turbo) and found that advancing
the timing belt one tooth brought some of the lost torque back to the low
end...  My experience would tell me that this actually is at the expense of
the top end, but the Vericom 200 indicates that the real world gains are
worth the expense...  By the sounds of your driving impressions the cam is
coming into its top form pretty hi in the band.  Although not familiar with
the 4k engines, I have built a race scirocco and found  the adjustable cam
sprocket on the 2.0 ltr motor was a great addition to the driving of this
car.  Basically, for street Driving, I would advance the cam timing to bring
the powerband low, then on the weekend track days, I would retard the cam
timing the full 4 degrees for better top end...  You may want to explore two
options:  1)  Does the 4k use the same sprocket of the VW?  If so, I believe
Autotech may have your toy. 2)  go the one tooth advanced route to see if
your cam responds as favorably as mine did.  Also the woodruff key for the
cam can be offset to accomodate the 1 degree icrements you may need.  I had a
set made in the 6,4,2 degee variety for my app at a machine shop (reverse the
key for +/- increments), but understand that there are some people that make
these keys (Heard a rumor that Mopar Peformance makes a set that can be used
on the Audis).  Also, the electronic ignition in my car goes into "error
mode" if you try to advance the ignition timing beyond 2 degrees from TDC
either direction.  You may want to see if your car has this feature, if it
doesn't you might have some cheap fun playing with the cam/ign timing
variables with your new cam!