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Re: Fuel filter intervals...

My experience with the VW/AUDI belts is that 60-70k is a good time for belt
replacement, 75 sounds like a very good time...  The 5k you have, is it a tq
or a q, this may help your decision. the tq uses a very low compression
engine (7.8:1), but the q uses the higher (8.1/10.0 depending on model)
compression.  with the stock cam, the turbo valves probably won't hit the
pistons with a belt failure, but certainly the 10.0:1 model has the potential
of being very expensive, and I would guess the 8.1 would be close enough not
to make any bets...Regardless, why take the chance, a belt, like a hard drive
will eventually crash, when?  Go for the belt, and eliminate all bets.  One
suggestion on the belt, the upper removal is easy but there is a special
Harmonic Balancer tool required for the lower, so certainly either have a
dealer or a Audi Specialist do this work!  Remember the belt is cheap, the
labor on this project is what gets you!