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don't try this at home - FOLLOW-UP

Thanks for the input everyone.
Feel free to send more...

I'm not too worried about the fit of the
5kt engine.  According to everyone I talked 
to (including Ned) it is not a difficult
swap.  You need to move the battery and
to mount the intercooler.  Other than that
most folks believe its a pretty stock job.

I'm assuming an entire 5kt engine, electronics,
turbo, intercooler, the works...

My major concerns are:

Will wiring harnesses match up??
That could be a major drag.

Some have mentioned that the 4q can't
handle that kind of power.  I'm assuming
I would have the transmission rebuilt and
install a high perf clutch.
Can the differentials handle the extra
power??  Are the ones in the 5tq's different??
That would surprise me but then again this
is an Audi were talking about.

Any ideas.  I haven't called CMB to order the
5k bentley manual yet so I can't check myself.

Thanks again.