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don't try this at home??

Well, in my lust to find a way to make my new
86 4kcsq go faster I finally took some net-advice
and phoned Ned R. @ Intended Acceleration.

Very nice fellow and quite helpful.  Bottom line
is this:

Without a turbo I'm stuck.  I can get 190hp and
great top end using the stock motor but I'll give up
torque (not me brother, never!!).  Torque is good - 
torque is your pal...

Ned said the only way out of it is to swap the 
4k's engine out for a 5kt engine and start from
there.  If I start with the 5kt motor I can go
much faster (read - much more torque).

Ok.  I can deal with that.  I'll just have
to save a little longer thats all.

Obvious question is: hey bozo, buy the 5tq to start
with!  Sorry, I don't like them as well as the 4ks.
I have a real thing for boxy cars (other car is 86 gli).

I love the lines on the old 4ks.

So, with that said, and to chew up a little more 
bandwidth on the net; has anyone done a 5t motor
into a 4k swap?

Oh, btw, am I nuts to consider this??