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re: Re: TQC heater core replacement (Now A/C info)

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995 Scott=John=Mockry%Mktg%TM@banyan.bv.tek.com wrote:

> I am not familiar with the 4000 A/C controls but an compressor on/off 
> switch would be nice for those you don't want to lug down the engine after 
> first starting the car with the defrost on.
> Scott M.

I see what you mean about the A/C, but the 4000 doesn't engage the A/C 
automatically on defrost.  It was all of my previous Fords that did 
that.  See, you didn't read my immensely interesting story about a poor 
little Ford kid, growing up in the heartland of America, turning to those 
evil, vile, expensive German cars.  Pay attention or you will be exiled 
to a Valiant for life!! And you don't want that , do you???