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A8 4.2 Quattro Disappoints?

In the January 1995 issue of "What Car?" magazine (UK), the A8 4.2 is
reviewed in the "new cars" section. In sharp contrast to earlier reviews
and articles in "Car" magazine (UK) and test on BBC2 "Top Gear", the
verdict is quite negative. Quoting from the short review, "the 4wd
transmission adds unwelcome bulk ... You have to push the accelerator to
the floor to build up speed ... With only four gears available from the
Tiptronic box, you need to use them fully to get the most out of the

The article goes on criticising Audi's efforts in the NVH department:
"Despite double-glazing as standard, wind noise and tyre rumble are higher
than they should be. But the major flaw is the suspension's inability to
cope with bumps at higher speeds". This final verdict is that "The reality
of the A8 doesn't live up to its considerable promise. Audi needs to rework
the suspension to make the quattro's high price worth paying."

I hope to have a test drive soon, but I'm surprised to see a review this
negative, and would like to hear the opinion from present owners or
individuals who have otherwise tried the car. If there indeed are
suspension and noise problems, does Audi plan to cure them?