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Re: washer wiper woes

> 0n 1/19/95 Robert Philips wrote:
> _________________________________________
> Secondly I am also experiencing problems with my windshield washer jets. 
> The overspray from the headlight washers actually puts more fluid, with 
> more force, onto my windshield than the dribble coming out of the wiper 
> jets.
> I have already replaced some of the tubing with some excess found around 
> the house
> I guess I'll check the check valve next...
> What is a good source for the tubing in bulk ?  5/32 inch vacuum line 
> doesn't fit.  I DON'T want to buy this stuff from the dealer.  Anyone 
> have any ideas about any non-typical sources ?

I went to my local Pep Boys and bought generic windshield sprayer hose (3/32?)..

It was a bitch to get on the nub on the sprayer pump (seemed just a tad too
small). I finally slipped the hose over the end of a larger philips screwdriver,
Then I used a butane lighter and cooked the rubber slightly to keep it from
shrinking back to a 'too small' shape. Did the trick nicely. After 45 minutes of
Audi speak (^&%$$$$#)...   :-)

Mark Aaldering