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re:Charging delays in 4000/wiper washer woes

0n 1/19/95 Robert Philips wrote:

Subject: Charging delays in 4000

Amidst the rest of the charging questions, here's another:
87 4000S, 4-cyl, at start up, the alternator does not charge at all 
until the revs rise to around 4000.  After the alternator "kicks in", it 
charges perfectly until the car is shut off again.  Then the cycle 
repeats.  A friend of mine with an 87 VW Fox has the same problem.  As 
far as I know, the alt. is Bosch.  It was on the car when I bought it a 
few years ago.  It has always been noisy (bearings??), and I thought it 
would die quickly, but just keeps on goin after about 2 years and 30k 
miles.  I replaced the battery right after I bought it, and it started 
during the -30deg. cold spell last winter here in Ohio.   I wouldn't 
care, but revving to 4000rpm early in the morning not only bothers the 
neighbors, but can't be too good on bearing surfaces when it's a cold 

I experience the very same problem with the re-buit Bosch 120 Amp 
Alternator on my old 16V Scirocco.  I had to 'blip' the throttle so that 
the engine would exceed 2000 rpm so that charging would begin.  I recall 
reading somewhere that this was due to the diode bridge in the 
alternator which converts AC to DC voltage ?

Secondly I am also experiencing problems with my windshield washer jets. 
The overspray from the headlight washers actually puts more fluid, with 
more force, onto my windshield than the dribble coming out of the wiper 

I have already replaced some of the tubing with some excess found around 
the house

I guess I'll check the check valve next...

What is a good source for the tubing in bulk ?  5/32 inch vacuum line 
doesn't fit.  I DON'T want to buy this stuff from the dealer.  Anyone 
have any ideas about any non-typical sources ?

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro

While I'm at it... I wanted to throw in a 'plug' for Linda @ Carlsen 
Audi.  I spoke with her about dealer only parts required to repair some 
accident damage, at the list's recommendation.  She has been 
unbelievably patient and helpful...I never expected people like her to 
exist at dealers!