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RE:roof rack plugs for 1990 Coupe Q

On Fridat 1/20/95 (Jef Johnstone)jefj@lightspd.wa.com wrote:

I was wondering if anyone has removed the little plugs below the rain 
for a roof rack to clip onto (into)? In the manual it says use a screw
driver...Ouch!... to pry out the little buggers. Is this the only way to 
them out? After you do get them out, will they go back in and stay? I'd 
to install my Yakima ski/bike rack on my 90' 90 coupe Q. Any 

JEF Johnstone
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Well, Jef, glad to see that I wasn't the only that had to ponder over 
Audi's rather interesting (by that I mean like, you know when you're 
with someone and you are asked of your opinion, and you reply "its 
interesting" instead of admitting that you REALLY DON'T LIKE IT !!!!!) 
way of placing mounting holes for the 1990 Coupe Q.

I ordered the "feet" for the Thule rack system, and their instructions 
also said to remove the plugs.  I used a screwdriver.  I tried to be 
very careful. I really tried. #$%%^&*(#@#@%$#%^#@!!!!  I still managed 
to mar the rain gutter/moulding whatevers. I found the best way to 
remove the plugs was to force a small screw driver into the middle of 
the plug, thereby breaking it.  I then picked out the broken pieces. Not 
very pretty, but since I use the rack system year 'round, it hasn't been 
a problem.

I guess the only real benefit is that you end up with a very securely 
mounted rack.

Maybe someone else on the list has figured a less destructive method of 
accomplishing this task.  I am resigned to eventually having to buy 
replacement plugs.

Good Luck!

Peter Schulz
1990 Silver Coupe Q ( with a brand new Diehard International - why 
doesn't Sears sell this beast with standard vacuum/windshield washer 
fittings for the %@#$#%^^vent? )

Sorry for the "venting".  Last weekend I tended to break every 
mechanical thing that I touched...