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Re: re:Charging delays in 4000/wiper washer woes

   I have already replaced some of the tubing with some excess found around 
   the house
   What is a good source for the tubing in bulk ?  5/32 inch vacuum line 
   doesn't fit.  I DON'T want to buy this stuff from the dealer.  Anyone 
   have any ideas about any non-typical sources ?

Try your local hardware store; the local neighborhood one here in Arling-
ton has spools of half-a-dozen different diameters plastic and rubber
tubing; more "speciality" stuff (oil, gas lines, etc.) can be found at
most "auto parts" stores; either horrendously-overpriced "short pieces"
in shrink-wrapped pre-packaged-for-your-convenience shelf/racks, or in
bulk over the counter at much-more-reasonable prices.