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Re: 90CQ Dash lights..Help!

   I wish my first post didn't have to do with a problem....but I guess that's
   part of the fun owning an Audi! Right? This is fun isn't it?...

Heh heh heh

   My question (or problem) is: I just pulled the stock radio in my 90'90CQ to
   replace it with a Blaupunkt CD player. I ordered a wirering harness from

Well, you've already violated the FIRST RULE: It it ain't broke, don't fix it!
So I guess you are now committed, eh? [Welcome to the club...]

   "Crutchfield" so I wouldn't have to cut ANY of the stock wirering. I istalled
   the new player with no problem, everything pluged right into the stock harness,
   and "presto changeo" crystal clean tunes! Except now I have NO dash
   lights....none. All the other indicator lights work (trip comp., ABS, brake
   etc.)but none of the lights on the dimmer curcuit work. I pulled the CD player
   and put the stock radio back in...no lights. I then pulled the radio back out

Typically, the "radio" will also have a "dash" light - does that also fail
to work?

   to see if something came disconnected in the process (since everything else
   works) and found a bare open "T" plug with a continuous 12V to it (blue/red and
   brown). I looked for a place to plug it into but nothingthat I could see short
   of pulling any panels. Hmmm....Could this be the problem or just a spare 12V
   plug complements of Audi? Could it be the dimmer switch?

Audi (and I think most manufactures, for that matter) leave all sorts of
"dangling" connectors lying around their wiring harnessii. Some are "test"
connectors, most are for "features" you don't have in your particular model
car. Be very *VERY* careful about trying to find homes for these orphan
connectors, a melted connector is a pain in the a**, a melted wiring har-
ness is a PAINFUL AND EXPEN$IVE experience indeed!

Does your car (read the owners manual) have a separate fuse for the dash
lighting? [if so, is it blown? if so, does replacing it fix your dash lights?
if so, does it blow again when the new radio is wired into the harness? if
so, presto, that's your problem...bad/improper wiring harness adaptor or
bad "radio"...]

You could have "pulled" a wire that in turn disconnected itself somewhere
far far away . . . I vaguely recall my '83 UrQ dash lights being the gray
w/blue (black?) stripe wire running all over the place, but that doesn't
mean it is A) true or B) applies to your nearly-10-years-newer car...start
at the lights/dimmer switch and start tracing...

   ANY....and I mean any help or ideas on the 90Q's dash light system would be
   appreciated. I DON'T want to have to go to the dealer......

Time to buy a Bentley (which might cost ya more than a trip to the dealer,
at least the first time...) and a voltmeter and a toolbox full of tools,
and some valium (alternately: "drink heavily") and go to it!

'Tis a personal choice between sedating yourself *before* you do any damage,
or *after* you've just taken the hammer to the damn thing...

Good luck.