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90CQ Dash lights..Help!

I wish my first post didn't have to do with a problem....but I guess that's
part of the fun owning an Audi! Right? This is fun isn't it?...

My question (or problem) is: I just pulled the stock radio in my 90'90CQ to
replace it with a Blaupunkt CD player. I ordered a wirering harness from
"Crutchfield" so I wouldn't have to cut ANY of the stock wirering. I istalled
the new player with no problem, everything pluged right into the stock harness,
and "presto changeo" crystal clean tunes! Except now I have NO dash
lights....none. All the other indicator lights work (trip comp., ABS, brake
etc.)but none of the lights on the dimmer curcuit work. I pulled the CD player
and put the stock radio back in...no lights. I then pulled the radio back out
to see if something came disconnected in the process (since everything else
works) and found a bare open "T" plug with a continuous 12V to it (blue/red and
brown). I looked for a place to plug it into but nothingthat I could see short
of pulling any panels. Hmmm....Could this be the problem or just a spare 12V
plug complements of Audi? Could it be the dimmer switch?

ANY....and I mean any help or ideas on the 90Q's dash light system would be
appreciated. I DON'T want to have to go to the dealer......

JEF Johnstone

90' 90CQ 28K Pearl/Black

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