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Re: 5000 battery vent????

   Back to car questions. What is the use of the vent and vent tube for the
   under-seat 5000 series battery? I pose this stupid and probably obvious

Mostly to keep you alive . . .

   question because my recent poking under the back seat reveals that I have
   been driving around since Feb. of 91 with a non-vented Exide. Have I been
   lucky in not having my Audi turn into the Hindenburg!!! Will someone please
   enlighten me.

Yup. It also serves to keep "spilled" acids from eating your rear underseat
floor through from the inside out. I think it's just 3/16" ID clear plastic
tubing (naw, must be metric...so that would be 5 or 6mm ID?).

Or by non-vented, do you mean completely/hermetically sealed? (in which
case should not be a problem, as long as it doesn't outright explode...)
I didn't think they had "sealed car batteries".

   I hope this message doesn't come back to haunt me 2 weeks from now.

On the other hand, maybe you'll get a whole different set of responsii . . .