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Re: Charging delays in 4000

   Amidst the rest of the charging questions, here's another:
   87 4000S, 4-cyl, at start up, the alternator does not charge at all until 
   the revs rise to around 4000.  After the alternator "kicks in", it 
   charges perfectly until the car is shut off again.  Then the cycle 

Voltage regulator. Sometimes they don't "lock in" ("trigger") until they
see "ample" voltage/current developed. Generally, with the Bosch alterna-
tors with built-in voltage regulators, you can replace just the regulator
assembly (at only half the price of the complete alternator - what a bar-
gain!). On the other hand, if your bearing are starting to go (or the al-
ternator is already 7-8 years old, I would make a pre-emptive strike and
replace the whole thing...

   during the -30deg. cold spell last winter here in Ohio.   I wouldn't 
   care, but revving to 4000rpm early in the morning not only bothers the 
   neighbors, but can't be too good on bearing surfaces when it's a cold 

Yeah, but if the engine/computer/ignition/et-al is running happily enough
on just the battery . . . (like I say, *I* would just replace the whole