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Re: re:Charging delays in 4000/wiper washer woes

Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com wrote:

>Secondly I am also experiencing problems with my windshield >washer jets. 
>The overspray from the headlight washers actually puts more >fluid, with 
>more force, onto my windshield than the dribble coming out of >the wiper 
>I have already replaced some of the tubing with some excess >found around 
>the house
>I guess I'll check the check valve next...
>What is a good source for the tubing in bulk ?  5/32 inch >vacuum line 
>doesn't fit.  I DON'T want to buy this stuff from the dealer.  >Anyone 
>have any ideas about any non-typical sources ?
>Peter Schulz
>1990 Coupe Quattro

Dear Peter,

I found that when the headlight washers were overpowering, and the windshield
wiper washers were acting as you described, I looked under the hood and found
out that the hose underneath, connecting the two wiper washer ports/nozzles
on the hood, was always slipping off.  

So I just went to NAPA with the original hose for the hood/wiper jets, and
they gave me one that was a little LARGER. It's a tight fit, but the hose
stays put now, and does not blow off when you activate the windshield
washers. It cost me about  $ 0.76!

I think they called it high pressure "brake" tubing, and their part number is
11021, under the "line" heading they describe it as MBI tubing.

Good luck!

1990 Coupe Quattro, 60K mi
1986 Chevy Caprice, 279K mi