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Re: voltage problem?

On Jan 6,  3:33pm, jason douglas wrote:
> Subject: voltage problem?
> I installed a sony CD player (5070U) in my 86 5000S last summer and have
> been quite pleased with it.  Unfortunately, it has a problem on cold
> mornings.  The radio portion works fine, but the CD player, well, the best
> short explanation I can give is to say that it skips.  The first logical
>-- End of excerpt from jason douglas
[stuff deleted]


My girlfriend had a problem with her Panasonic CD player on cold mornings,
similar to yours in that it would skip.  Checked the owner's manual
and it said that the laser lens sometimes "fogs" up and will skip
until the unit warms up.  I assume you don't have the problem after the
car has reached operating temps??