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Re: voltage problem?

>My girlfriend had a problem with her Panasonic CD player on cold mornings,
>similar to yours in that it would skip.  Checked the owner's manual
>and it said that the laser lens sometimes "fogs" up and will skip
>until the unit warms up.  I assume you don't have the problem after the
>car has reached operating temps??

I thought the problem might be something like that, or even something
mechanical (cold grease?) until I noticed that it works flawlessly, even
when cold, if the engine is off.  This suggests two possibilities: first,
maybe a fogged lens or something reduces the player's ability to track,
which is still sufficient if everything is still.  The  vibration from the
engine "puts it over the edge."  The second possibility is that the voltage
fluctuates more when the car is cold, enough so that the player actually
cuts out momentarily.  Problems with this theory: it doesn't happen when its
warm and there seems to be no correlation with electrical load (e.g.
ventilation blower, rear defroster, etc.) or engine speed.  Its also not
noticeable with the radio.

It would seem that no one else is experiencing something like this......
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