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Re: voltage problem?

>This is indeed very likely.  Engine vibrations, no matter how slight, 
>could be setting up a resonance in the player.  The suspension of the
>CD-changer's chassis has to employ some sort of damping mechanism, which
>is probably affected by temperature.
>One sure-fire test would be to--on a cold night--leave the car outside,
>but leave an electric blanket--on low, of course--wrapped around the
>changer.  The only variable then would be the changer's temperature.

A good idea - I have a heating pad that would do the trick, if I can get it
wedged inside the dash ! ;-)  Seriously, I'll pull out the ash tray and see
if I can't get a good old incandescent light bulb in under the radio.  That
ought to warm things up in a few minutes. Thanks for the idea.

>I don't yet know if mine has a problem--it hasn't gotten that cold
>here yet.

Actually, it probably has (gotten that cold).  You live in NJ, while I live
in VA.  I'm seeing the problem at temperatures above freezing.  A local Sony
factory authorized service shop is completely baffled (based just on my
discussion with them).
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