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struts were shot - but it rode well!

Folks with older struts wondering if the inserts need replacement? I know I
was, and I finally broke down and had it done.  (Feel guilty about not doing
it myself, but once a year somebody else gets to apply a wrench to the car
:-) ).  Anyway,
I didn't think the struts were too bad. The handling seemed decent, if a
little soft, and there was no bounce. With 100k on the originals, I figured
I ought to just replace 'em on general principals.  I'm glad I did.

It turns out that a 5000 without strut inserts would probably pass the time
honored 'merican metal bounce test.  All four inserts were completely shot -
I could easily compress and extend each one by hand.  Needless to say, the
ride is much more sporting, and now I finally understand why folks complain
that the old C3 isn't stiff enough.

One question.  Common wisdom seemed to suggest that a clunk from the front
end over large bumps was usually strut related.  I hear the clunk less now,
but it is still there.  Any ideas?  Could it be a bad strut bearing?  The
mech claims that while the bearings are disposable on VWs, they rarely go
out on Audis.
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