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Re: Brake warning light, wipe...

> RE:  temp unit.  you may want to check the temp sending units (2) in front of
> the radiator and under windshield.  If you are getting a low reading from the
> outside temp sensor for the climate control, the a/c compressor will not
> engage (not sure what the cuttoff is, but usually it is about 15-25 degrees
> on most a/c systems).  The only other remote possibility would be your
> throttle position sensor is indicating full throttle (a/c cut-out), but I
> would think that you would have a myriad of other problems if this were the
> case.  The temp sensor would be where I would concentrate efforts...    

I believe the cutoff is 38 degrees. It is to prevent the compressor
from icing over and busting. I know my compressor hasn't run for
weeks, although defrost will still blow air always, even if not up
to the set temperature.


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