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Re: 20V

> I have a '92 (I think '91 leftover, but mfd 12/91) 90 quattro 20V. I really like thlike
> the car, but it seems as though it needs just a few more horsepower, even 
> though it has darn near 50hp more than my old 4000sq.  I see there are chip
> manufacturers etc, but everyone I talk to says it isnt worth it. Are there any
> quick fixes that would help this, short of new cams? They should make a
> turbo kit for it, although it is possible to retrofit. Any input is appreciated.

Look at the 10th letter in the VIN.  L=1990, M=1991, N=1992. A car
made in 12/91 is almost certainly a 1992.

This came up when some bozo tried to set my '89 100Q to '88 specs,
since the date of manufacture was in '88. Good thing I stopped him.

As for power, I have a 1990 20V 90Q, and I'm happy with it. Some things
I'd try are: use a K&N filtercharger. Best $40 or so I ever spent.
It helps breathing a lot especially at high revs, and it saves a
lot of time and $$$ on replacing air filters every year.

Next, I'd look at religiously running at least mid-grade fuel. The
lower 10:1 10V engine likes regular fine, but the 20V likes at least
89-91 octane. 93 is even better if you can afford it.

Next would be chips. There are at least 2 out for the 20V, that claim
about 20 HP more. Check any issue of EC for prices (about $200).

Don't bother with turbo kits (for the price, you could trade in
your car for a 20V turbo 200Q). Cams are $$$$, since you need 2.

Seriously, look at the simple things: good oil, good air filter,
good spark plugs/wires, and a good tuneup.


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