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Re: keeping my car in good shape

Hairy green toads from Mars made Benjamin M. Kaplan say:

> Recently I purchased a 1989 200 Quattro.  It has 89K miles on it, but is 

Congratulations. I sort of wanted the 200, but I settled for a 100.

> Some specific areas I wanted to know about were:
> 	1) Quattro system.  Are there any parts that I should keep an eye 
> on for wear and tear?  Any ways to extend the life of the system?

You'll get lots of suggestions here. Check the archives. My $0.02
is the steering rack seal. They are prone to leaking.

> 	2) Engine.  I used to own a Volvo 760 Turbo.  The Turbo charger 
> always gave us problems, and I was reluctant to purchase a car with one.  
> Well I did, but I would prefer that this one not go out on us.  I've been 
> told to let the engine warm up before working the turbocharger hard, and 
> to let the car run for a minute or so after driving it hard.  Are there 
> any other suggestions concerning the Turbo, or other areas of the engine?

The turbo in the 1989 has a separate oiler to cool the bearings, even
after engine shutdown. You don't need to run the car specifically
to let the turbo cool off. Any engine should be run at a fast idle
for a minute or so after a really hard highway run, like if you pull
into a rest stop or something.

> 	3) Exterior.  Suggestions for good washes and waxes to use on an 
> Audi finish?

I use Rain Dance. Others swear that only Zymol works well. What
color is it? Black (like mine) is tough to keep clean. Try.


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