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keeping my car in good shape

Recently I purchased a 1989 200 Quattro.  It has 89K miles on it, but is 
in excellent condition, and that is the way I want to keep it.  I 
have a 1 year 12K mile extended power train warranty on it, although I 
would prefer not to make any claims on it.  Besides not driving the car, 
what are some easy ways to keep the car running in top condition.  Some 
specific areas I wanted to know about were:
	1) Quattro system.  Are there any parts that I should keep an eye 
on for wear and tear?  Any ways to extend the life of the system?
	2) Engine.  I used to own a Volvo 760 Turbo.  The Turbo charger 
always gave us problems, and I was reluctant to purchase a car with one.  
Well I did, but I would prefer that this one not go out on us.  I've been 
told to let the engine warm up before working the turbocharger hard, and 
to let the car run for a minute or so after driving it hard.  Are there 
any other suggestions concerning the Turbo, or other areas of the engine?
	3) Exterior.  Suggestions for good washes and waxes to use on an 
Audi finish?

Also, is there a good book that explains simple repairs for the car.  
I've never done any real auto work, but I'm interested in learning.  


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